Kennon Door 2.0

Privacy and protection

Providing privacy while protecting patients from harming themselves is the unique mission of the Kennon Door 2.0. Its soft materials and breakaway magnetic hinge save lives, while the door’s durable design enhances the look of any facility. The Kennon Door 2.0, Kennon’s newest ligature resistant patient safety product, has received the National Fire Protection Association — NFPA-286 certification. Facility operators wishing to meet certain fire prevention guidelines require that certification.

NEW > Kennon Door 2.0 Extended  is just like the Kennon Door 2.0, except the bottom corner is extended for added privacy.

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Thinner – Lighter – Safer

The durable Kennon Door 2.0 can match any decor

Patient privacy, dignity, and safety are at the heart of the Kennon Door 2.0 design. Three years of engineering led us to build this unique and durable door. Manufactured for tear resistance, and fire resistance, the door’s exceptional water resistance makes the door an excellent choice for bathroom and shower use. You can customize the graphics and colors on each door to match your facility’s decor, or Kennon is happy to recommend our most popular selections. Be assured that your evidence-based designed doors will look great for years to come. The Kennon Door 2.0 is an excellent way to demonstrate patient care, boost staff morale, and warm up what is often a sterile environment.

Kennon SSPD Anti-Ligature Door 2.0 is waterproof and very durable – perfect for use as a shower door!

Patient safety

We have prioritized patient safety over all else. Kennon Door 2.0’s evidence-based design reduces the opportunities for patients to harm themselves or hospital staff. The door creates a safer environment while maintaining the privacy and dignity of patients. The core feature of the Kennon Door 2.0 is its breakaway hinge which will detach from the door frame with less than 20 pounds of pressure. Though it’s engineered to collapse, the Kennon Door 2.0 is designed to securely hold up to years of use.

Installation is a breeze

Kennon Door 2.0’s integrated magnetic hinge enables installation into any hollow metal frame in seconds with no special tools or training. Our standard sizes mean a perfect fit for all door frame dimensions. The door can even be flipped for “saloon-style” door installations. All of this makes the Kennon Door 2.0 perfect for both new construction and retrofitting into existing units. In non-steel door frames, we offer ligature-resistant easy-to-install attachment plates.


Comparing the Kennon Door 2.0 with the Kennon SSPD

Comparing Kennon Door with Kennon SSPD



Now Available! Door 2.0 – Extended