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Working in partnership with the Veterans Administration, Kennon created the soft suicide prevention door (SSPD) in 2009. Designed to be anti-ligature through a combination of soft materials and a breakaway hinge, our bathroom doors are perfect for any application where evidence-based design is called for and patient safety, privacy, and dignity are paramount. New for 2022 the Kennon Door 2.0 is also NFPA 286 certified, meeting all modern fire code requirements.

Kennon Door 2.0: Thinner - Lighter - Safer

The new Kennon Door 2.0 is our evidence-based design, ligature-resistant, bathroom safety product. Like our Kennon SSPD, the highly durable Kennon Door enables patients to maintain their privacy and dignity. It does this while protecting them from harming themselves. It’s made in the USA from soft, water-resistant materials and features a state-of-the-art breakaway magnetic hinge. It’s perfect for bathroom and shower installations in mental and behavioral health situations. The suicide-resistant door has received the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA-286) Certification, meeting the latest fire-prevention building safety code requirements.

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The Original Kennon SSPD

Kennon still offers our original Soft Suicide Prevention Doors provide patients with dignity and privacy while keeping them safe. Designed with patient safety in mind, our ligature resistant SSPDs will break away from the door frame after 20 pounds of pressure is applied eliminating anchor points and leaving an inadequate amount of time for self-harm to occur. Designed for Behavioral Health Facilities, Correctional Facilities, Youth Centers, and Assisted Living Centers.

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Kennon Door SSPD Suicide Prevention Door