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Kennon made the first soft suicide prevention door (SSPD) in 2009. Since then, our ensuite door has saved countless lives in behavioral health facilities worldwide. Now, we introduce Door 2.0. With no hardware that can become a potential ligature point, our virtually indestructible door is the only SSPD on the market to be included in the New York State Office of Mental Health Guide (NYS-OMH) and meet the rigorous NFPA-286 fire safety rating.

Kennon SSPD Door 2.0

Kennon Door 2.0 is our new, anti-ligature, bathroom safety door. Like our original SSPD, Door 2.0 allows behavioral health patients to maintain their privacy while enabling medical staff to check on them. The door is easy to clean, virtually indestructible, and cannot be used as a dangerous weapon. It attaches to your doorframe with magnets and breaks away with less than 11 pounds of pressure. It’s perfect for bathroom and shower installations in memory care, mental, and behavioral health situations. 

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The Original Kennon SSPD

Kennon made the first Soft Suicide Prevention Door (SSPD) in 2009, and we still offer it today. Designed with patient safety in mind, our ligature resistant SSPD will break away from the door frame when minimal pressure is applied, leaving no ligature anchor points behind. The door is ASTM E84 Class A fire rated.

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Kennon Door SSPD Suicide Prevention Door

Kennon SSPA Art

It’s no mystery that humans are attracted to nature. Nature revives us. It impacts us psychologically, emotionally, and socially. Photographs of nature can transport you to places and have a safe effect. Kennon’s Soft Suicide Prevention Art (SSPA) is an easy, safe way to incorporate nature into patient recovery. Our anti-ligature art can make a real difference for patients, and staff morale. Kennon’s ligature-proof art gives your patient rooms the look of fine art without the dangers of wire, hooks, nails, or other hazards.

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Kennon Soft Suicide Prevention Art (SSPA)