Kennon Original Soft Suicide Prevention Door (SSPD)

With you and your patients in mind, we’ve designed every aspect of our SSPD-Door and SSPA-Art. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask even long after today. Kennon’s customer service never stops.

Kennon Original SSPD on the right — Kennon’s Original Soft Suicide Prevention Art is on the left

Kennon Original SSPD Door

In 2009, in cooperation with the United States Veterans Administration, Kennon created the first Soft Suicide Prevention Door. Before that, behavioral health units were potentially dangerous places, with the door being a prime ligature anchor. The SSPD sought to eliminate that, breaking away with just 20 pounds of pressure. The well-designed door allows patients to maintain their privacy. The soft foam core prevents the door from being used as a dangerous weapon. It’s easy to clean and highly durable.
■ Promotes patient safety
■ No ligature points
■ Privacy/Visibility balance
■ Easy to retrofit
■ Made from material rated E84, Class A
■ Made by hand in the USA

Our doors are custom-made and can be used to replace interior doors, partitions and stall doors. They are durable, water-resistant and can be customized with artwork, adding interest in an otherwise sterile environment.

The Soft Suicide Prevention Door (SSPD) eliminates door anchor points while contributing to the healing environment by providing calming artwork for patients. It was developed by patient safety professionals at the Department of Veterans Affairs, and is now offered for sale by Kennon.

SSPD magnetic hinge, installed top view rendering

SSPDs are custom-made to fit any door frame up to 42” wide. Double, saloon-style panels are available for wider installations. Door hinges are magnetic and made with a rip-stop material. They attach directly to a standard hollow, metal door frame or to separately provided stainless steel hinge plates. SSPDs are designed to break away from the door frame immediately after 20 pounds of vertical pressure.

SSPD Selection Guide

Determine the hinge side by facing the door

SSPD selection guide rendering

Kennon SSPD or Kennon Door 2.0?

Both doors are designed for in-room use and cannot lock. They’re perfect for use as bathroom doors. They’re waterproof and highly durable – great for use as a shower or toilet stall door. There are other uses too! The image on the outside can be customized for either, but only the Kennon Door 2.0 offers images on both sides.

The doors are ideal for use in behavioral health facilities, psychiatric hospitals, mental health facilities, assisted care, prisons, and juvenile facilities.

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