Kennon Art – Soft Suicide Prevention Art (SSPA)

Visual art is more than decorative. Art touches the soul. It broadens our view, inspires, and captures our imagination. We’ve all found ourselves lost in images and the wonders of nature. Kennon Art – Soft Suicide Prevention Art (SSPA) – attempts to do that for your patients and staff. In what is usually a very sterile environment, our images can bring life to a room, and bring peace to your patients. 

Made of durable and cleanable vinyl fabric, we print the images using a special process, in high definition. Our colors and details really pop. At their core, we use our door foam. You will affix to your wall with magnets we’ve embedded deep inside, and steel plates we provide, leaving no chance for a patient to use the art to harm themselves. They can be detached from the wall with just a tug, and can be washed with soap and water.

Soft Suicide Prevention Artwork (SSPA), contains magnets sewn into a rear, tamper-resistant pocket. This allows it to be easily mounted to most walls and surfaces via stainless steel plates (available for purchase) and tamper-resistant hardware (provided by the facility). It comes in most sizes up to 42” x 70.”

SSPA Installed Top View

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