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The SSPD prevents the use of interior doors or shower curtains as anchor points. The magnetic hinges allow the door to break away from the frame after 20 pounds of pressure are applied, leaving an inadequate amount of time for self-harm to occur. While no solution is sure-proof, the SSPD provides the safest available solution while still offering dignity and privacy to the patient.

SSPDs can be used to replace interior doors, shower curtains and stall doors. However, it cannot be used to replace a locked door, or doors required by fire code.

Possible applications include: psychiatric hospitals, prisons, youth centers and assisted living centers. Kennon is an ever-evolving company, and we like to explore new ideas. Please let us know if you can think of other uses or areas for the SSPD.

Many patients have been eager to receive the SSPD because of the artwork, and look forward to swapping out doors periodically for a change of scenery.

You can find installation instructions in our catalog.

Each SSPD weighs about 5 pounds. The standard length is 58 inches, the same as most bathroom stalls. This allows the patient’s head and/or feet to be viewed from the outside. We can accommodate lengths up to 70 inches. Width varies based on the width of the existing opening. The SSPD is sized and installed to overlap the existing door frame opening by 1.5 inches to 2 inches, where it is secured with a magnetic enclosure loop.

We will size the SSPD appropriately for you when we receive your request for a quote. Simply provide us with the width of the existing opening.

Most psychiatric hospitals do not have artwork due to safety concerns. Acute units are particularly devoid of visual stimulation. SSPD’s and SSPA’s are large, aesthetically pleasing and calming. They are easily removable and can therefore be rotated for novelty.

While there is no clinical data on the impact the art has on the patient, in our experience is has been welcomed with enthusiasm. Patients are excited to have the artwork in their environment, both for the aesthetics and for the feeling of personalized space. If, however, a patient reacts negatively, the SSPD or SSPA is easily removed or replaced with a different scene or solid color.

  • There is no way for patients to lock staff out of their rooms.
  • If the door is tossed or used as a weapon, it is not heavy enough to inflict any damage.
  • Acute units now have the ability to provide art in patient rooms and bathrooms, since our products eliminate anchor points and other safety hazards contained in traditional artwork/doors.
  • The SSPD is much easier to clean than shower curtains. Also, in cases where staff need to remove doors/curtains for certain patients, the SSPD is easily taken down and replaced.